Makina Benefits

We are a boutique INDEPENDENT TPA, we cater to the needs of independent healthcare brokers that are looking for solutions in the self-funded space for their clients. Completely autonomous, we do everything in-house.

What is Makina Benefits?

Makina Benefits is a TPA, a small boutique TPA. And we have made a conscious decision to take all the inefficiencies out of the administration of level-funded plans. We have invested close to now $1 million in technology to take away all those inefficiencies when administering a level-funded plan. So we focus on small to medium-size business owners and we cater to the independent brokers and advisors out in the field.

How is Makina Benefits different?

When working with brokers, we really take the time to develop proper strategies that will bring long-term value and solutions to their clients. When we underwrite one of their groups, not only do we know that we're gonna be 15% to 25% lower than the traditional healthcare plans out there, but we really underwrite that group for the next five years. We want them to keep that level premium for as long as possible. That's a huge differentiator in the marketplace. We really don't wanna give you just a can rate or just a rate so you can go win an account. We build those strategies with those independent brokers.

Who is a good fit for Makina Benefits?

Those brokers and employers that are really looking for consistency, transparency, and great customer service. One of the things that I pride myself in is that when our clients call us, we answer, "Hello, how can we help you?" We have zero call trees. We handle every question right there and then, so not only do we provide great price, great product, but man, we have great customer service.

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Duration: 02:25

Posted: Thursday, February 17, 2022

Video tags: Under 50 EEs, 51 - 100 EEs, 101 - 250 EEs, 251 - 500 EEs