One to One Health

One to One Health is a different kind of onsite clinic and healthcare provider. We're kind. We're flexible. We're efficient.


What is One to One Health?

So at our core, One to One Health is a different kind of healthcare provider. We're rooted in compassionate, relationship-driven care delivered through our at-work employer clinics or our virtual platforms. I can't talk about what One to One Health is without mentioning our founder, PCP, and pediatrician, still seeing patients today, Dr. Keith Helton. He founded One to One in 2016, out of an immediate need by a large local employer. That first client has held their cost flat for the five years we've been working with them. Those that engage with us cost employers 40%, or $2,300 per member per year less than those on their plan that don't. And spread across a population of 3,000 lives, that's nearly $7,000,000 a year. One to One Health provides care for 160,000 employees throughout the country. Our first priority is our patients, and serving them with kindness, compassion, and convenience. This translates to a 97% patient satisfaction rate. We're transparent and truly partner with our clients to ensure high-quality, high-value care for their population.

How is One to One Health different?

So Dr. Helton will often talk about, "to influence change in a patient, you've got to love them", and our providers are given the time and the space to listen and care. We build everything around a personal connection with our patients, whether it's onsite at a clinic, at home, or on the run. This includes our fully owned stack of virtual primary care and behavioral health solutions, wellness coaching, chronic condition programs, and especially, our clinician-driven referrals to high-quality, fair-cost providers. And I hope soon to retire the mention of our COVID 19 services, but we do offer an end-to-end solution, including vaccine verification, at-home, and in-person testing, positive case management, and return to work clearance. Our independence yields no red tape around what we can and can't do. We find a way to serve our clients and our patients, however necessary. There's a tremendous responsibility that comes with providing care, especially, when entrusted by an employer to do so. That's why we're fully transparent with our fees. We eradicate waste wherever possible, and we rigorously pursue the path towards high-quality, high-value care.

Who is a good fit for One to One Health?

Really any client that's over 1,000 lives, the largest of which we work with is about 25,000. So, anyone that takes risks on their health plan, we can help. We like companies that are getting serious about gaining control of their benefit spend, and for any companies with supplier diversity targets, we're also veteran-owned and operated.

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Duration: 02:56

Posted: Friday, February 18, 2022

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