Integrated Source One

We are an innovative direct healthcare model that works to reduce the burden of healthcare expenses for both employers and employees, all while delivering customizable and unlimited services 24/7/365.


What is Integrated Source One?

We are a direct care provider company that takes all the benefits of direct primary care and delivers it in a multidisciplinary platform. We do this to remove as many barriers to care, for both the employees, their families, and the employers. We refer to this as Direct Patient Care+, DPC+, and this approach, we're able to increase the quality of care by helping reduce its cost to the employees and the employers. And we deliver this care in four modes: on-site, near-site, mobile, and then all the modes have access to our virtual Direct Patient Care platform.

How is Integrated Source One different?

We like to say that our difference is in everything we do. DPC+ is multidisciplinary, and our approach is that we're able to offer industry-specific design to fit the company, the patients and their needs. From traditional primary care to lab work, discounted pharmacy to imaging, we truly have something for everyone. And we embrace the provider-patient relationship by providing the care, support, and guidance to allow them to obtain, regain, and maintain their health. Because we are direct, we don't have to worry about prior authorizations, quotas, or the like, and we can focus more on the patient and their care.

Who is a good fit for Integrated Source One?

We designed Integrated Source One to allow more people to access health. We work with like-minded benefit agents and advisors to seamlessly integrate into their plan design in the self-funded and level-funded plans. We use predictive modeling and care coordination through our director of nursing, that communicates not only with the TPAs, but with the patients for the appropriate referrals. And we wanna make sure that even our standalone products can get out there to the market for the underserved, your gig workers, and so on. We have a model where they get our DPC platform, along with the pharmacy app, and that cost is very reasonable based on today's market.

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Duration: 02:25

Posted: Thursday, November 3, 2022

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