Verikai Marketplace is designed to match Brokers to Underwriters looking to write new business.


What is Verikai?

Verikai is a predictive data and risk tool geared towards insurance, underwriters and medical brokers. We apply machine learning that helps to more accurately assess individual and group risk. One of our biggest selling points is that we're looking at over 5,000 behavioral data points on 250 million plus US lives. This allows us to more accurately predict risk at the individual and group level.

How is Verikai different?

I mentioned the 250 million lives in the 5,000 behavioral data points that we're using. We're looking at things specifically like demographic, purchase history, healthcare, so medical, clinical RX data, financial things, and affluence, right? So what we're doing that's different than traditional manual medical underwriting is that we're looking forward. We're looking at things that an individual is currently doing and the way that they live their lifestyle. So we don't just assume that because a 25-year-old woman is buying a four-door car that she's pregnant. So we want to look at things that she's really doing. And so this is how we're able to really price correctly above and above the manual.

Who's a good fit for Verikai?

Verikai works with all sizes of carriers and MGUs right now. Most of those carriers will write between 10 lives and 10,000 lives. So, we have a very vast network of carriers and MGUs that will partner with us. And that goes directly into one of our newest products, which is the marketplace, which will pair brokers looking to write groups with our community of carriers and MGUs that are looking to write business.

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Duration: 02:39

Posted: Thursday, January 13, 2022

Video tags: Under 50 EEs, Over 5000 EEs