Alef Health

Alef Health: Pioneering savings in healthcare. Our holistic methods benefit a wide range of partners, cutting costs effectively.


What is Alef Health?

Alef Health is the one-stop cost containment solution in the self-funded insurance space that specializes in reducing expenses without compromising the quality of care that a patient receives. We specialize in out-of-network negotiations, claims integrity, subrogation, overpayment recovery, medical management, and much more. Our out-of-network negotiations team works with out-of-network providers to ensure successful negotiations while maximizing the client savings and giving the members peace of mind. Our claims integrity team using their investigation skills and a proprietary software to ensure that only legitimate services are paid and our overpayment recovery folks are committed to financial accuracy in our diligent approach to identifying and recouping overpayments. We have one of the best medical management teams that consists of highly trained nurses and a chief medical officer on site who work with patients to ensure top-notch care throughout their healthcare journey and ultimately, live a healthier lifestyle.

How is Alef Health different?

We believe Alef Health is different, because of the people. We are comprised of highly skilled individuals that contribute to our overarching goal of creating healthcare savings for both members and payers without compromising on quality care. We've been successful in this mission by establishing several proprietary methodologies that aid in our effort to drive the lowest possible cost to our clients. We utilize the most up-to-date technology and that combined with our years of experience has helped create exponential savings for all of our clients.

Who is a good fit for Alef health?

Self-funded groups, third party administrators, brokers, and payers. Anyone looking for a team that takes pride in their work and values partnerships. We believe those folks are good for Alef Health.

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Posted: Tuesday, June 25, 2024