Connect DME

Connect DME is a durable medical equipment company that provides nationwide coverage for below Medicare allowable rates.


What is Connect DME?

Connect DME is a durable medical equipment company serving self-funded employers, groups, TPAs, and brokers that are looking for a better way to control their DME spend. We consistently deliver higher value, lower cost, and better customer service, setting ourselves apart from what you'll find in a traditional network provider. We focus on transparency to make sure our clients know exactly what they're going to pay for before we send the product. We have an excellent customer service team to make sure that our clients and their members are getting top-notch experience every time. Being located in Oklahoma, means that we can deliver our products just about anywhere in the country within 24 to 48 hours. There's absolutely no PEPM, surcharges, or membership fees. We stand by our competitive pricing and want to make sure we always provide value. If the value isn't there, there's no penalty for purchasing the product from a competitor or locally, so it's a win-win for everyone.

How is Connect DME different?

Connect DME is different because we provide more than 4,000 products delivered directly to the patient's home within 24 to 48 hours, and guaranteeing the patient is happy in the process. We see patients dealing with so many barriers to getting their equipment from suppliers from a traditional network. Our mission is to work directly with the clients' health plan to simplify the process and make sure the patient is getting the products they need. The client is saving money because the products are below Medicare allowable, and the patient is happy because they have had excellent customer service and paid less out of pocket, if they've paid anything at all. We're also easy to work with because we are able to provide a wide range of products. We do CPAPs, CPAP supplies, any type of bracing, walkers, knee scooters, nebulizers, and breast pumps, to name a few. We also supply specialty products like diabetic supplies, ostomy supplies, and post-surgical products. Chris, we work with a board-certified sleep physician to provide sleep studies right to the patient's home, helping break down some of those barriers to care, while saving thousands and keeping the patients out of those high-priced in-lab services.

Who is a good fit for Connect DME?

Connect DME works well with self-insured health plans, third-party administrators, brokers, and anyone else who is looking to control their healthcare cost. With over 30 years of DME experience, we serve patients and clients all over the United States. We have connections with manufacturers, distributors through the nation, so if the client has any type of home-medical equipment they need, we can get it there quickly and have a happy patient on the other side.

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Duration: 02:54

Posted: Monday, February 19, 2024

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