Rx 'n Go

Rx ‘n Go is a pharmacy linked disease management program that removes access barriers for individuals within self-funded plans, by providing free access to needed chronic disease Rx medications.


What is Rx 'n Go?

Rx 'n Go is a complementary mail order pharmacy program that's helped self-funded employer groups improve benefits and reduce cost. There are two programs associated with Rx 'n Go, first being our standard program, which consists of 1,300 generic maintenance medications and insulin products that are shipped from our partner pharmacy located outside of Philadelphia. Through this program, all medications are a $0 copay to members and shipped to their home for free, and we're able to provide average savings of about 15 to 25% to the self-funded employer plan for these same medications. Our second program is our Rx 'n Go Beyond program, which consists of 200 brand name and specialty medications that do not have a generic alternative through the Rx 'n Go standard program, and these medications are shipped from our partner pharmacy located in Winnipeg, Canada. These medications are also a $0 copay to member and shipped to their home at no cost, and we're able to save the plan about 40% on the cost of these medications.

How is Rx 'n Go different?

Yeah, a few reasons. So first, reduced costs. So we're able to save money for both the plan and the members by providing these medications at a $0 copay and mailed to their home for free. Through Rx 'n Go, there's no per member per month, no access fees, no implementation fees, no gotchas, as we like to say. We just invoice the employer group for the medications actually filled through the program. So if they don't fill a medication, there's no invoice, there's no cost, so it's pretty low risk. Choice, we don't take anything away from the existing pharmacy benefits in place with the employer group. We're just a complement to the existing PBM program. Provide members a free choice for their maintenance medications, a $0 copay choice that can be mailed to their home for free. Thirdly is ease of use. So Rx 'n Go can be implemented at any point throughout the year and does not need to be added during renewal. It's just a simple evergreen contract that does not need to be renewed annually and it can be terminated at any time, so it's pretty low risk from an employer perspective. From a member perspective, it's really easy to sign up. They can sign up online or over the phone, and when they go through the signup process, we can transfer over their prescriptions from their local pharmacy on their behalf, so we make it really easy for the member. Finally, the group gets a dedicated account management team for communication and ongoing support to ensure success of the program. Lastly, the biggest thing is compliance. So by removing these financial and access barriers, by getting these medications delivered to members' homes for free, members will be more compliant with their medications, preventing large claim items like ER visits and hospital stays, and providing a happier and healthier workforce for these employer groups.

Who is a good fit for Rx 'n Go?

Yeah, currently we focus on middle market cases, about 100 to 5,000 lives, primarily self-funded, but we're pretty agnostic as far as who we can work with. Some popular markets are school districts, municipalities, healthcare, manufacturing, but we have groups in all industries and can kind of work with anybody. Really, just focus on self-funded employer groups that want to reduce pharmacy costs and improve drug adherence.

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Duration: 02:55

Posted: Friday, February 9, 2024

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