Summus is the platform to access the best medical insights and expertise.


What is Summus?

Summus is the platform that people go to to access high-quality medical expertise across any healthcare question, concern, or diagnosis. And the reason companies hire Summus is because, in healthcare, people don't understand what to do, they don't know who to go to, and they don't have a guide to help them on their journey. And when you think about it, all the responsibility in healthcare rests with the employee. Nothing happens until they make it happen. The healthcare system they have to operate in has become hyper, hyper specialized, and the people they encounter in that system, they don't have the time, nor is it economically feasible for them to become the guide, and that's where Summus comes in. And what we're able to do is directly connect our members and their families, within hours and days, to the world's leading medical expertise. We allow them to ask all the questions they need. We then provide clinical insights and guidance on the best path of care. And then, using our clinical expertise, we're able to route them back into their local network to take action on those insights, and we stay with that member every step of the way.

How is Summus different?

Our biggest key differentiator is prioritizing high quality doctors in the middle of every interaction, large or small. And the reason that's important is because people find it hard to get insights on their own health. They find it difficult to understand care pathways and options that are available to them, and they find it increasingly difficult to understand who are the best doctors or doctors to take action on those insights. And all that ambiguity and confusion leads to increased costs, consent for riskier procedures, unnecessary diagnostic testing and office visits, and increased complexity. So, by prioritizing high-quality doctors, we're able to cut through all the noise in healthcare, directly connect with that person and their family helping them understand everything there is to know about their question, concern, or diagnosis and get them to the right spot in healthcare really, really quickly. The other differentiator is this broad funnel of engagement that we've created where you can come to Summus for quite literally anything. And, today, we deal with over 120 different specialties across the continuum of care. As a result, we're also able to help across complex care pathways pulling in the necessary expertise to intervene in key inflection points throughout that complex care journey.

Who is a good fit for Summus?

When we're looking to work with different clients, what we're looking for are clients that are collaborative and responsive, that have a deep understanding of the problems, and they're intentional about solving them. They have a good working relationship with their employees, and they're intentional about putting in best-in-class benefits for their employees. And that really spans industries, geographies, and client sizes.

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Duration: 02:44

Posted: Thursday, May 9, 2024

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