anydish revolutionize Food-as-Medicine, by providing actionable, preventive and curative-care, AI-based recipes. Healthier employees means improved productivity, engagement, and loyalty


What is anydish?

So food plays a critical role in preventing and managing chronic diseases or general medical conditions. One size fits all approach to nutrition doesn't work. A highly personalized solution is required, and anydish addresses this challenge through its innovative platform that leverages natural languages process engine. Anydish onboarding goes beyond generic dietary restrictions. We allow specific adjustments based on individual needs, low sodium, high vitamin B12, vegan friendly, ingredient exclusions, and favorable cuisines. anydish then instantly recommends many online recipes that perfectly matches both the medical grade and personal preferences. This empowers employees to make informed and tasty food choices within the boundaries set by their needs and preferences.

How is anydish different?

So anydish goes beyond traditional wellness program by providing the following benefits. We seamlessly integrate with health professionals' recommendations and diagnostic tests. Besides medical restrictions, we combine culinary preferences and our key innovation is based on our natural language processor that analyzes online recipes for accurate nutritional insights, saving time and effort, and providing employees access to a vast collection of recipes instantly matched to any needs and preferences.

Who is a good fit for anydish?

Anydish is ideal for companies seeking to empower their employees with a personalized approach to healthy eating and experience the positive impact on their workforce. By investing in employee health and wellbeing through anydish, both employers and employees gain significant benefits creating a win-win situation. Employees enjoy our easy to use mobile app, providing tens of thousands of recipes, empowering them to follow their nutritional goals, reducing the risk of chronic health conditions, and boosting overall well-being while employers enjoy healthier and happier workforce leading to increased productivity, engagement, and employee loyalty. Additionally, a healthier workforce translates to reduced healthcare costs and less employee absency. anydish can demonstrate your commitment to employees' wellbeing and strengthen company's culture.

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Duration: 02:51

Posted: Wednesday, April 10, 2024

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