Homethrive is a complete family caregiving support innovator that’s revolutionizing support for unpaid family caregivers and their loved ones(children and aging adults).


What is Homethrive?

Thanks, Chris. I should probably start by saying that I'm a caregiver myself from a soon to be 87-year-old dad. And if anyone's ever been a caregiver, they know how important it is and how challenging it could be. On average, 73% of all employees are caregivers, and it's actually become the number two reason why employees are leaving the workforce, behind only retirement. My organization Homethrive supports caregivers by providing expert coaching, navigation, and concierge services for employees supporting aging loved ones, or others with various diseases or special needs. Homethrive addresses the many challenges of caregiving by combining a high-touch component delivered by our own social workers with a really robust digital platform that supports our members 24/7.

How is Homethrive different?

What makes us so different is that our unique approach results in almost 10% of all employees using Homethrive. While most solutions hope for 2 or 3%, and when we serve employees, Chris, it really makes a profound impact on them and their employers. I mentioned earlier that caregiving is the number two reason why people leave the workforce. At Homethrive, we don't believe employees should have to choose between their careers and their family. Our platform reduces the intent to resign by 80%, and we save people over two full days per month by virtue of the way we serve employees who are caregivers. We help caregivers navigate through everything from all types of dementia, finding senior housing or home care, navigating VA benefits, navigating IEPs for children or teens, and even end-of-life care. Chris, we are also extremely proud of the fact that at Homethrive, we don't define an employee's family, they do, whether it's a blood relative, a friend, partner, ex, or even a neighbor. Our members define what family means to them and who is in their care circle.

Who is a good fit for Homethrive?

Well, caregiving impacts retention, productivity, and mental health for employees at every single organization out there. The common denominator of the 160 plus organizations that utilize Homethrive is that they place a high value in improving retention, assisting with employee mental health, and prioritizing the needs of women and minorities. Our clients span a range of industries, technology, healthcare, professional and service firms, and universities. Family caregivers can access Homethrive through their employee benefits when provided by an employer or insurance plan. And lastly, Chris, I'll say if you've ever been a caregiver or know someone who has, you know the value and importance of caregivers. At Homethrive, we believe caregiver support is a benefit every employer and every health plan should have.

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Duration: 02:41

Posted: Tuesday, April 9, 2024

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