aequum LLC

aequum protects plan participants against unreasonable out-of-network charges and balance billings by medical providers and unfair collection practices.


What is aequum?

Aequum means, what is fair or just, and our mission is to level the playing field in medical billing, shifting back power to health plans and their participants. Specifically, we provide advocacy services to self-funded health plans and their plan participants, including legal defense of medical billing claims through a partnership with a national law firm. We combine those advocacy services with our proprietary technology to create predictability and certainty when it comes to medical billing disputes. Aequum has defended plan participants that receive out-of-network balance bills, and bills arising out of reference based pricing plans, as well as representing plans through the No Surprises Act, independent dispute resolution arbitration process.

How is aequum different?

We're focused on bringing a high level of service to our partners to help reduce the noise from plan participants and their employers, as well as generating a high level of savings to the health plan. The first differentiator is our outstanding communication. We've developed a process where we facilitate open communication between the key stakeholders, including plan participants, third party administrators, brokers, and employers. We do this through the wonderful folks that work in our customer service center who have developed relationships with these key stakeholders, as well as friendly, aggressive relationships with the providers and collection agencies on the other side of these claims. We provide timely recording and status updates to bring clarity to our process. Second, we have focused on saving the plan participants and plans. Since inception, we've saved 95.6% off the disputed charges for out-of-network and reference-based pricing plan claims. This is accomplished through our strategic partnership with Kohler Fitzgerald, a national law firm whose attorneys are skilled in every step of the legal process. Finally, we've handled claims in all 50 states with nearly every major provider and medical collection agency. When a partner comes to us with a question on how a claim may proceed, through our data collection, we can provide a real outline of how the claim will likely resolve.

Who is a good fit for aequum?

Anyone with a health plan or who works with health plans is a good fit for us. Our current partners include third party administrators, self-insured health plans, medical cost containment companies, stop-loss carriers, insurers, and brokers.

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Posted: Friday, April 5, 2024

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