Leva is an ecosystem that helps families thrive. It offers personalized content, tracks baby's feeding and growth, and connects users with experts through video calls.


What is Leva?

Leva is a comprehensive ecosystem that provides innovative, cost-effective support for women and families by marrying technology with human help. Leva enables employers to provide pregnant and postpartum employees and spouses the support they need to thrive. We know that employers are struggling to retain working mothers in the workforce, and that expenses associated with childbirth and follow-up care only continue to grow. Let me mention a few troubling stats that we're working to completely change. 43% of women leave their careers within a year of childbirth. The United States has the number one maternal death rate among developed nations, and maternal suicide attempts have grown 3X in the last 10 years, completely unacceptable.

How is Leva different?

Our solution is a 100% personalized experience with real-time answers. We provide tracking and recalibrating tools to help parents adjust to their lives after having a baby. And importantly, we offer one-on-one live support across a variety of needs, like career coaching, lactation, mental wellness, fitness, nutrition, you name it, we cover it. We have a unique breadth of offerings to truly serve as a one-stop shop. We offer a guided handheld experience for our users, as you can see in this depiction here. Our support really begins at the initial stages of pregnancy and goes through the first year postpartum with tips and live support delivered by highly credentialed experts at the right moment through a parent's journey. Our design approach is also heavily user-centric, which has enabled us to create a beautiful, easy to use app for parents and for HR users.

Who is a good fit for Leva?

A good fit for Leva is any organization who wants to support mothers and families in a meaningful way. As I mentioned before, our focus is on helping businesses retain their talented employees by making the transition to parenthood easier. We work with employers that understand that basic parental leave is not enough. We integrate with HRIS and benefit platforms to make administering Leva a breeze for HR and people ops teams. We also offer training for people leaders to ensure parents are getting the best support possible and that reentry is smooth. Finally, and importantly, we have a pricing structure that works for businesses of all sizes. We don't currently charge a per employee per month fee, instead, we only charge for active users that can benefit from the solution, which has been incredibly popular with our business partners. With Leva, employers can feel confident that they're making a good investment in providing comprehensive parental support to their staff.

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Duration: 02:48

Posted: Friday, November 24, 2023

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