Firefly Health Virtual Primary Care

Firefly delivers virtual advanced primary care in a refreshingly seamless care experience built on meaningful engagement.


What is Firefly Health Virtual Primary Care?

Firefly Health is a virtual primary care clinic with clinician centered navigation and integrated behavioral health and chronic condition management. Every Firefly Virtual primary care member receives a dedicated interdisciplinary care team and they can select that care team based on race, gender, language, or medical expertise. We have a team-based model with a clinician, nurse practitioner, health guide and behavioral health specialist. Not listed here, but important to call out is the care coordinator who acts as a member navigator and reduces the administrative burden and friction on our members by handling tasks such as scheduling or billing.

How is Firefly Health Virtual Primary Care different?

Our unique differentiators are, first, that we have a human-centered approach to care and navigation. Secondly, that our care is all encompassing with a hybrid approach of virtual and in-person. And thirdly, that all care delivered through Firefly doesn't hit your health plan medical expenses. The way we really stand out, however is that we aren't just virtual. There's a lot of care that happens outside of the virtual doctor's office, and in these cases we steer members to Firefly Nearby with over 1900 tightly integrated physical facility partners across the United States, including urgent care, retail care, and in-home care partners. And finally, we have Blockbuster outcomes. Members engage with us 45 times a year and 25% of members interact with their care team weekly. This is how we are building trust and able to influence behaviors that drive chronic condition outcomes that are 50 to 80% better than industry benchmarks. We also keep people out of the emergency room because they're coming to us first and we're able to triage and then they follow our guidance to higher value providers. We see a significant reduction in TME, total medical expense, and members love us. We've got an NPS of 79.

Who is a good fit for Firefly Health Virtual Primary Care?

A good fit for Firefly Health Virtual Primary Care are clients that are interested in virtual primary care and also navigation because they want to provide equitable access to health benefits across a geographically dispersed workforce, or perhaps they're looking to consolidate various digital health offerings. The most common situation we encounter is a client who wants to offer access to equitable benefits while decreasing total healthcare spend, whether the workforce consists of office, retail, healthcare or constantly traveling professional workers, we offer value by increasing access and simplifying the experience.

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Duration: 02:46

Posted: Thursday, August 31, 2023

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