We help employers lower MSK claims by getting employees to board-certified orthopedic surgeons. We reduce misdiagnosis and improve quality of care. Employers get 7 to 1 ROI and 33% less surgery.


What is MDDirect?

We developed the MDDirect Elevate Program after being inside the musculoskeletal healthcare system for over six decades. We took the most successful MSK treatments and designed a solution to deliver it at scale. It is the same treatment model used in the NFL, an industry with the most to gain from high quality MSK care. We cover over 8,000 employees nationwide, and have helped self-insured employers reduce their MSK claims anywhere from 30 to 60%. We have a comprehensive MSK solution and provide direct access to board certified orthopedic surgeons, they're trained in our MDDirect model. We change care patterns and our goal is to solve the MSK issue or disease as fast as possible. We do this three ways, accelerating the diagnosis with our MDDirect proprietary app, selecting high quality providers assessed by our clinical metrics, and using evidence based treatments.

How is MDDirect different?

We're different because we flip the traditional care model upside down. Typically employers go to a lesser experienced provider, or provider with an incentive to do a certain procedure. This leads to what we call a health system centric model. It uses misaligned incentives and disjointed MSK solutions. This has led to a 65% increase in MSK costs since 2010. It is the driver in your healthcare inflation increase. The new way of treating MSK conditions starts with the expert. It centers around the patient and their condition's best practice. We accelerate the diagnosis five times faster than traditional care. An example is a patient with shoulder pain. Their orthopedic clinic recommended six weeks of physical therapy, which was pretty painful. Frustrated, the patient contacted their HR director and got to MDDirect, that same day we got them to a low-cost, high-quality MRI showing a full thickness rotator cuff tear. Outpatient surgery was scheduled for five days later and they were fully healed after five weeks. They gained six weeks back and reduced their risk of frozen shoulder.

Who is a good fit for MDDirect?

We work best with innovative partners. The number one condition for employers is MSK, especially those with high functional movement, like manufacturing, cities, counties, school districts, and service industries. We look for an innovative HR team, TPA, and broker partners looking to take control of changing healthcare and advancing their benefits. They're self-insured and either have access to their data or want their claims data. And finally, they know education is foundation for a successful healthcare benefit program. If you reach out I'll send you our three-point strategy guide for lowering MSK claims.

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Posted: Thursday, June 2, 2022

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