Granite Peak Analytics, LLC

Our passion is to educate payers and advisors to make informed PBM choices through unbiased data and unmatched expertise. We are self-funding gurus with a pharmacy niche that creatively eliminate prescription overspend.


What is Granite Peak Analytics?

Granite Peak Analytics is a full-service, PBM consulting firm. We can help with everything on your pharmacy plan, when it comes to RFP, procurement, comparisons, specialty is a big item right now. and then we also offer an ongoing claim level monitoring of your pharmacy program.

How is Granite Peak Analytics different?

We're different in three primary ways. We don't accept marketing or reseller compensation from PBMs. The big thing about that is we get paid by our clients and that makes us one hundred percent aligned with their goals. We're not taking money from people to place more business with them. Secondly, we're self-funded people. We have a niche in pharmacy but we also understand all the parts and components of a self-funded plan. Third, we have clinical expertise. We bring in PharmDs and nurse practitioners to ensure that we don't have a bunch of health insurance business people, making decisions that impact people's healthcare. And last, I joke a little bit but it's true in the deals that we've evaluated lately. The true difference is $60 to $200, per member, per month in net prescription costs that we can reduce for our customers.

Who is a good fit for Granite Peak Analytics?

A great fit for Granted Peak Analytics is really anyone in the self-insured space. We specialize with independent advisors. We can help build a pharmacy program that covers their blindside from other people taking their clients and also weaponizes their pharmacy program to help them win new business. We do a lot of work with independent TPAs, large trusts and self-insured employers, whether you are 10 employees or 10,000, we'll work with you and we have a solution.

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Duration: 02:15

Posted: Friday, April 15, 2022

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