Healthee liberates HR teams from time-consuming benefits questions and empowers employees to get the most out of their healthcare coverage. It tells employees which plan to choose, what it covers, where to get treatment and how to save money on care.


What is Healthee?

Yeah, so Healthee is a technology company and we developed an AI tool called Zoe that can basically analyze any health and wellness benefits and health plan. So it doesn't matter if you have Blue Cross Blue Shield, United, Cigna, any of the carriers, Zoe knows how to take that 600-page document that we always struggle with and convert that to a structured database and basically understand and explain health and wellness benefits in a way a five-year-old can understand. So you can see how on the left-hand side that employees can go to Zoe and say, "Hey, I have knee pains. What can I do?" And the first thing she does, she gives them their options. Then the second thing she does, she also helps them understand the coverage. They can discover what is covered, which doctor to go see, and really how to save money on care in less than 27 seconds without talking to anybody, all at their fingertips with no need for call centers.

How is Healthee different?

Yeah, so we're instant, we're digital, we're completely private. We are not only providing a digital door for your health for your medical, dental, vision, but also any of the employer-provided benefits that you provide to your employees. We save you as an HR leader, money, time, and resources. We save your employees time. We make them healthier and also we're plan agnostic, meaning you don't need to replace your broker, your carrier, your plan. And we're not only there to answer questions that your employees have. Zoe is always there to also remind your employees about benefits that they should be thinking about like, you know, mammograms, yearly physical, all the things around preventive care that Zoe also reaches out about.

Who is a good fit for Healthee?

Yeah, so I always say that if you provide healthcare to your employees, you're a good fit for Healthee, because having healthcare doesn't mean that you have access to healthcare. And we do exactly that. We kind of bridge that gap between you spending a lot of money on employee health. It's basically an average of $10,000 per year per employee. But 70% of employees say they don't know what they're covered for. So that's exactly where Healthee comes in and bridge that gap between how much you spend and how much your employees use. So again, if you provide healthcare to your employees and you want your employees to be healthier, you wanna save them time and money, then we're a good fit for you.

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Duration: 02:33

Posted: Wednesday, March 9, 2022

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