Benefit Plan Administrators Inc.

Bpa provides Tpa administration on various different flexible platforms incorporating Transparency and cost containment.


What is BPA?

Benefit Plan Administrators, we are a TPA administering health plans throughout the country. We have many different products that we administer, whether it's a small group level-funded plan down to five employee lives or a very large public entity or a large corporation with thousands of lives. We instill significant cost-containment elements in every plan that we administer. We're real excited about hospital bill audits. We can do direct contracting. And we wrap our administration around very robust analytics with Deerwalk.

How is BPA different?

BPA's different in that, you know, by being a mid-sized TPA, you know, we're not the smallest by no means but we're not the largest, so you get to know employees at BPA. That enables us to do some customization, enables us to pivot for our clients, enables us to be responsive, enables us to be proactive instead of reactionary for our groups in that, you know, we wanna make sure that all the members are being taken care of and getting all the answers they need timely, especially in the new transparency world. We wanna make sure they're going to low-cost, high-performing providers. And all this data, quite frankly, will be delivered to them via our member-based shopping tool effective January 1.

Who is a good fit for BPA?

Quite frankly, in this environment, almost every employer. We have groups down to five employee lives. We administer MEC, we administer level-funded, we administer traditional stop-loss where larger employers fund claims as incurred. So basically, our client mix is public sector. We have an endorsement with the Virginia School Board Association. We administer the Virginia Brain Injury Fund via the state of Virginia. We also administer a lot of commercial sector groups, you know, nursing homes to car dealerships to blue collar to white collar. So we're able to administer various different plan designs and accommodate these employer groups through creativity, compliance, reporting, and responsiveness.

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Duration: 02:35

Posted: Tuesday, August 30, 2022

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