Everside Health

Everside Health is one of the largest and most experienced direct-to-employer health providers in the United States, operating 375+ health centers in 34 states for our clients. 88+ shared nearsites.


What is Everside Health?

So Everside is a direct to employer and Taft Hartley plan primary care and mental health model. So, we deliver through on site, near site and virtual care. And all of that is done with a focus on value based care. So we don't deliver fee for service medicine at all, it all comes through a PMPM. And I'll tell you what's more important than probably anything else is: Today you probably have at least 50 different solutions coming to you claiming to be your quarterback. And I would tell you every single one of those entities is probably largely playing doctor. What you actually need is a set of providers that can do a great job, but ones that are actually accountable to you. Ones that have enough time to be able to impact employees; ones that ultimately have the right structure to do that. And ultimately folks that are actually aligned to your interest with the right economic model for them as well.

How is Everside Health different?

You know, I'd love to answer this question by telling you it comes down to numbers. There are so many different features, so many different functions that we could point out but I would divide this into a couple of categories. Number one, we impact cost and we have a sustained history being able to do that and doing a really good job of it. When you can really contain overall cost by managing a primary care relationship the right way, it actually really does work. The second thing is, it's clinical impact. We have providers that are measured on the extent to which they close gaps in care and they're doing an excellent job of that. And then finally it's experience. It's experience for the plan participants. It's the fact that they're saying they actually have a better impression of their employer. And it's the fact that our clients are actually saying that in surveys. In the upper right hand corner you see this Best in KLAS certification we got this year, new in 2022, that's our clients evaluating our solution, that's being compared to others. We were ultimately rated best in the industry.

Who is a good fit for Everside Health?

Well, the easiest way to answer that is: it's organizations and entities that really want to make a difference in impacting their health plan. We have a sustained history of impacting folks that are really hard to reach. We support Taft Hartley plans. We've got blue collar employers. We have governments, we have schools. All of those organizations really, really focused on impacting cost, but doing it the right way. We're not a slash and burn solution. We're here to truly deliver value based care, in a structure that's fundamentally different than the way the status quo of healthcare really works.

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Duration: 02:47

Posted: Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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