Lyn Health

Lyn is human-centric healthcare created for people with multiple chronic conditions.


What is Lyn Health?

Lyn Health is a human-centered healthcare delivery organization that is really specifically tailored for those patients burdened with multiple chronic conditions, which we define as being polychronic. At the core of our organization is what we call a Care Circle. The clinical team within this Care Circle includes medical directors, primary care physicians, pharmacists, nurse care managers, care partners, as well as behavioral health specialists. This virtual clinical team places the member in the center of all of our offerings, which focuses on all aspects of the member's needs, including care coordination and management, virtual urgent care and primary care physician access, integrated behavioral health offerings, as well as providing access to social and community support resources. All of this available 24/7 for our members as well as their family care team.

How is Lyn Health different?

Well, three areas. First, Lyn Health was exclusively built for the needs of the commercial polychronic population, which we know by the year 2030 will account for nearly 84 million US adults and drive north of 70% of the annual healthcare spend. We know these members have complex medical conditions that require those clinical needs to be driven by evidence-based care guidelines, and the assurance that both their pharmacy and medical care plans take into account all of their chronic conditions. Second, Lyn Health is a virtual healthcare delivery company. However, we do believe that data and technology can help inform, educate, and enhance the experience realized between each member and our Care Circle, such as providing data-enabled decision support tools, efficiently identifying and targeting eligible members, and of course developing an informed point of view with regard to referral needs for care that we can't deliver virtually. And then third, we know experience matters. This population has struggled historically within the ecosystem, so we know it's important that we create an experience led by love, empathy, and compassion that allows them to feel we are always at their side as a friend when they need us most. All of this structured in a way that stays off the admin line for the employer and represents zero out-of-pocket costs for the member.

Who is a good fit for Lyn Health?

Excellent. Lyn Health specifically serves those members defined as being polychronic. Chris, today throughout our entire book of business, we consistently see an average of 40% of any population eligible for our services. Our customers today include health plans, provider systems, self-funded employers, as well as grant-funded Medicare and Medicaid populations. We really believe the diversity of our clients highlights the fact that we continue to be viewed as an enhancement to the ecosystem, not a disruptor. Lyn Health would love to talk to you.

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Duration: 02:56

Posted: Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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