HealthEE partners with brokers and consultants to deliver an online shopping experience to a user's smartphones. Members and employees have the ability to buy needed insurance in a clear and easy process. Our market is small business, part time workers, association members, GIG workers, faith based groups and the community as a whole. We cut through the noise of trying to find needed benefits. The available benefits are anything from Health Insurance, dental, vision to auto, home, pet and wellness to name a few.

What is HealthEE?

HealthEE partners with brokers and consultants to provide online benefit stores. We deliver an online shopping experience to the smartphone that allows members and employees the ability to buy needed insurance. We make it a very clear and easy process, not too different than any other online shopping experiences that they do on a regular basis. We make this very easy to the general public.

How is HealthEE different?

The HealthEE stores are setup to help people find the health and financial products and protection that they need. This is available for themselves, their family, the community as a whole. We make it easy and trustworthy, we communicate to the public through their trusted employer, their trusted association, their faith group. We cut through the noise of trying to find the needed benefits. These benefits can be anything from health insurance to vision to dental, auto, home, pet, wellness, and many more. If you Google health insurance, you get over nine billion hits. This just really causes confusion and inaction. Bringing HealthEE through a trusted messenger eliminates the buyer noise.

Who is a good fit for HealthEE?

HealthEE is for everyone everywhere. We create fair and equitable access to insurance for everyone. Whether it's a small business looking for benefits for their team, part-time workers, workers that need additional benefits that aren't provided from their employer, association members, faith-based groups, gig workers, truly everyone everywhere. We're looking for broker partners that need additional resources for these types of groups for their clients. There's 38 million small businesses out there, there's 55 million gig workers, there's 31 million uninsured, and we think we've created a resource to support and help all these people.

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Duration: 02:19

Posted: Wednesday, October 13, 2021

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