Burnalong is a holistic health, wellness, and fitness platform that works with companies, hospitals, and insurers to provide a diversity of choice, inclusive tools, social motivation, and AI-powered personalization in their online wellness journey.


What is Burnalong?

Burnalong is a mission-driven company that helps everyone from new mothers through to seniors and everyone in between achieve their health and wellness goals. Our clients range from the government, to hospital systems, to employers of all sizes, spanning 70 countries now and across industries from blue collar to white collar. And what we do is we focus on bringing the entire population the programming that they need. So we have more than 2,500 local instructors from across geographies teaching more than 14,000 Live and on-demand classes across more than 50 categories. So whether the needs are cardio, yoga, nutrition, mindfulness, adaptive workouts for the people with disabilities, diabetes, chronic conditions, prenatal classes, whatever the need, we have the programming for you and for their families.

How is Burnalong different?

There are three things, one is our approach to content where we focus on meeting everyone where they are not just needs, but geography, personality. We have thousands and thousands of instructors. So it's not a one size fits all approach to content. It's meeting everyone where they are. So they see themselves on the screen. They see their needs represented. Number two is social where people can take classes Live, on-demand or Live with friends, family members, co-workers that they invite. So there's always that social motivation to do programming. And then lastly entice into our work in the medical community is we use Machine Learning for guidance to help bring people the programming that's most likely to work for them.

Who's a good fit for Burnalong?

Anyone that's really taking wellness seriously and doesn't want just a one size fits all, but really wants to impact an entire population. Our clients range from people with a few thousand of employees to people with tens of thousands of employees that are across sectors, backgrounds, needs, but the commonality is they don't want a one size fits all approach to wellness. They want to meet their entire population and their families where they are and that's the impact that we have on their populations is reaching everyone and driving up engagement across the board.

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Duration: 02:44

Posted: Monday, December 13, 2021

Video tags: 1001 - 2500 EEs, 2501 - 5000 EEs