TouchCare is a healthcare concierge company helping improve the member experience through navigation and education of the entire benefits package.


What is TouchCare?

TouchCare is a healthcare concierge helping to enhance the overall member experience through navigating and understanding the benefits package. We realized that the healthcare system is confusing, it's frustrating and very time-consuming. Now, members have a resource to take that off of their plate. TouchCare's team of health assistance will help members with things like open enrollment support, care navigation, which includes provider searches, cost comparisons, pre-authorizations and scheduling appointments as well as bill review and negotiation, Rx consultations and so much more.

How is TouchCare different?

TouchCare is able to differentiate itself in a few different ways. First, all organizations that we work with are designated pods of health assistance. So, we're not a call center. This affords the employees of each group the opportunity to form relationships with their health assistants and know exactly who will be helping them during their healthcare journey. Healthcare is a very personal and we wanna make sure everyone feels as comfortable as possible during this process. TouchCare also implements custom marketing strategies in order to drive utilization of the platform. We aim for a minimum of 20% unique user utilization in year one. Many times, new products are implemented for employees are often forgotten and not communicated correctly. We want to avoid that. We make sure to work with brokers and HR professionals to target the best strategies to stay in front of employees throughout the year. This way, if and when something happens in their lives, they know TouchCare will be there to help them with their specific needs.

Who's a good fit for TouchCare?

What's really great about TouchCare Chris, if any group has employee benefits, we can help you. We have clients ranging from 50 lives into the tens of thousands. As long as we have a full picture of what the group needs, what their paying points are and an understanding of the medical plan, we will scale the designated health assistant team accordingly, train them on the group's benefit offering and we are ready to help support everybody.

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Duration: 02:31

Posted: Tuesday, January 11, 2022

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