BenefitsGuide is the Salesforce Platform pre-customized as an Insurance Agency Management System (AMS) with all the CRM features and functions you need to run your insurance broker business with over 20 5-Star reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange.


What is BenefitsGuide?

BenefitsGuide is the Salesforce Platform pre-customized as an employee benefit-focused Insurance Agency Management System. People know Salesforce to be considered best in the world, sort of plain vanilla CRM. You can think of BenefitsGuide as insurance broker Rocky Road. With BenefitsGuide, you can track and manage information about your clients and prospects, policies, RFPs, claims, member transactions. You can take notes on conversations, set follow-up tasks, integrate with Microsoft Outlook, or Gmail, for email and calendar, reporting and dashboard analytics, document management, workflow automation. You can access everything on your mobile device, create instant benefit booklets and so much more.

How is BenefitsGuide different?

We're the leading insurance solutions provider on the Salesforce app exchange. Our core product was originally built by insurance brokers for insurance brokers. But what really makes BenefitsGuide different is the fact that we're built on the Salesforce Platform. Our application is at one time pre-customized, yet fully customizable. And our users have access to the Salesforce AppExchange, where they could choose from thousands of third-party applications to install into their own environment that can solve for virtually any business requirement. It's not even just that. We also have integrations that allow you to use your data in Salesforce to create the groups in Ease and then sync employee elections from Ease back to Salesforce. We have another in partnership with CXC Solutions that allows you to create benefit compliance documents also from your data in Salesforce. Another that allows you to search our national database of recently filed federal tax Form 5500 to identify and evaluate both employee benefits, group insurance, and retirement planning prospects. And we have others.

Who's a good fit for BenefitsGuide?

Our customers are typically Employee Benefit focused, Insurance Brokers, General Agents, TPAs, or PEOs, that are looking for a better way to manage their business operations.

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Duration: 02:51

Posted: Thursday, January 20, 2022

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