Byte Orthodontic Group Benefits

Byte, in-home teeth aligners. We were acquired by the worlds largest dental manufacturer, Dentsply Sirona Byte has mainly been a B2C model, now moving to B2B carriers, Brokers, etc.


What is Byte Orthodontic Group Benefits?

Byte is an alternative orthodontic benefit for employee and member groups. At the core, Byte is a doctor directed FDA approved clear aligner treatment program. We give access to orthodontic care in home rather than in a doctor's office. Our treatment plans start at just under $2,000 and potentially less, if a group or member has dental insurance through one of our partnered carriers. Crooked teeth are not just cosmetic, they actually tie into mental and emotional health. They're also the gateway, like oral health and dental health are the gateway to so many other health issues like diabetes, heart and gum disease, fertility, and as I mentioned, mental health. This is why so many carriers, brokers and consultants have been interested in adding Byte in home aligners to their product offering, including other products that we have as well, like whitener.

How is Byte Orthodontic Group Benefits different?

This slide highlights some of the differences, but I'd also like to talk about what's relevant to brokers and consultants. First of all, Byte is considered an in-network benefit as I mentioned, as long as the group and employee has a dental plan with an ortho adult coverage. If they do, the out-of-pocket cost is roughly $1000 compared to braces, which is about five to $10,000. The treatment times are also a lot less with Byte, about four to six months, versus two to four years with braces. Two other offerings that we offer through groups is a voluntary and affiliate benefit. These are offered at discounted rates as long as you're part of our Byte partnership program. The bottom line is Byte offers safe, affordable, and convenient in-home orthodontic solutions for groups. We also offer flexible pricing options, or excuse me, payment options as well as accept FSA and HSA benefits.

Who is a good fit for Byte Orthodontic Group Benefits?

The two segments that I'm thinking of are the folks that have already gone through braces or aligners in the past, and their teeth have shifted. Another segment are obviously the brokers and the consultants as we've been talking about. This is a great differentiator benefit that can be added and generate some new revenue, but also help to, you know, keep renewals and new company new, sorry, new clients coming in. Byte can be integrated anytime of the year. Together with our partners, we continue to improve people's lives by helping them to achieve healthy and confident smiles they are proud of. Thank you.

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Duration: 02:38

Posted: Friday, January 26, 2024

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