GEM HEALTH is virtual specialty care. Our first pathway is for sleep apnea. GEM SLEEP provides comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, and support for the 25M+ who are not being treated today.


What is GEM SLEEP?

GEM SLEEP is a virtual sleep apnea clinic. Sleep apnea impacts one in eight Americans. 80% of those are not being adequately treated. Most patients don't know where to go, they don't know how to get started, and our market insights indicate that wait times to see a sleep doctor, are two to four months. GEM SLEEP creates a single access point for an otherwise very fragmented and lengthy experience. At GEM, we offer diagnosis through a disposable home sleep test. We offer treatment options, whether that be CPAP or oral appliance, and we offer wraparound support through a high tech and high touch coaching and remote patient monitoring program.

How is GEM SLEEP different?

GEM SLEEP brings innovation to specialty care, by saving money and improving the patient experience. GEM SLEEP saves money by reducing the episode cost. For example, if a patient were to go to a brick and mortar traditional sleep apnea experience, the average cost is about $1,300. Through GEM, that virtual experience would be about $250, which is a savings of $1,000 for every patient that goes through the GEM Virtual Sleep Apnea Clinic. GEM also creates access. As I mentioned before, there are significant wait times to see a sleep doctor, GEM can diagnose a patient within one to two weeks and get the patient on treatment within 14 days.

Who is a good fit for GEM SLEEP?

GEM SLEEP is an in-network provider with health plans, and so ultimately we are looking to partner with employers who also have coverage. And employers who are willing to promote this new innovative benefit to their employees. Employers in the construction space, manufacturing and transportation are great industries to focus on, but really any employer who believes and recognizes the importance of good sleep and the impact it has on their people and their workforce is ultimately a good partner for GEM.

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Duration: 02:27

Posted: Friday, January 26, 2024

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