Aligned Marketplace

The Only National, Value-Based, Advanced Primary Care Network


What is Aligned Marketplace?

At Aligned Marketplace, we bring personalized primary care to America's workforce. We do this through the only national and value-based advanced primary care network. We have built a marketplace of the best advanced primary care groups in the country, and bringing these advanced primary care groups to employers in a single contract. For an individual member, we recommend the best advanced primary care groups to that member based on that individual's demographic information, medical history, and culturally competent care options. You can think of it as the Airbnb of advanced primary care. And these advanced primary care groups all look a little different. There's clinic-based, virtual, community-based, and population-specific options. Population-specific options are advanced primary care focused on supporting people of color or women of childbearing years, the obese population, or LGBTQ population or Gen Z populations as examples. Having a diverse set of advanced primary care groups enables us to meet members where they are and drive over 30% employee engagement.

How is Aligned Marketplace different?

First, no one advanced primary care group has national clinic coverage. So by tapping into different types of advanced primary care, we built a national network with 50-state coverage from over 3,000 clinics that are within driving distance of over 80% of the US population. And second, we tie the advanced primary care group's payments to value, specifically, high-quality care at a lower total cost. This value-based model lowers the upfront cost of advanced primary care for an employer. So an employer can bring advanced primary care to their members at no incremental cost compared to what that employer was paying for traditional primary care. Aligning incentives with advanced primary care has been shown to drive over 15% total cost of care savings. And the track record of advanced primary care is so strong that we will put 100% of our admin fee at risk.

Who is a good fit for Aligned Marketplace?

Self-funded employers with greater than 2,000 employees that have members spread across multiple geographies. And these are employers that are motivated by cost savings, but through higher-quality care and a better employee experience. These employers believe in the importance of primary care in a benefit plan.

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Duration: 02:46

Posted: Monday, April 22, 2024

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