Green Imaging

Radiologist owned and operated national network for outpatient diagnostic testing, 50 states, over 4500 facilities


What is Green Imaging?

Green Imaging is a national diagnostic testing network. We offer medical imaging, the traditional modalities, MRI, CT, PET/CT, X-ray, mammography, the gamut of medical imaging, but we also offer other outpatient diagnostic testing, EMGs, EEG, sleep studies, colonoscopies, endoscopies, to name a few. We are in 50 states and we work with over 5,000 facilities nationally to provide this testing. And integral to our success is a world-class concierge service. We have come to understand that when patients are under healthcare stress, they really want Care with a capital C, and that's part of what we do.

How is Green Imaging different?

Well, number one, we're radiologists-owned and operated. We're radiologist-centric. We consider ourselves to be like direct primary care, direct radiology care. We don't have private equity backing, no venture capital. So really, profitability is not our primary thrust, it's really taking great care of our patients. And there's no risk to using Green Imaging, there's no PEPM, solution fatigue, admin fees. If a employer puts us in their health plan and nobody uses us, they don't pay anything. So there's really no risk to doing this. And by the way, we've never had anybody do that, but if nobody used us, there would not be an expense. And then also we provide a customized network for employers. We do a geo access and find the best and highest-quality facilities and lowest price in their area, and then we also have a team that shops for care. So if we don't have a covered service under contract, we will go negotiate with the facility, with the radiology group or the cardiology group who is interpreting the exam. And if it's like a sedation pediatric MRI with the anesthesia group. And so we can create a bundled price for those studies as well.

Who is a good fit for Green Imaging?

Really almost anybody, all types of health plans, specifically self-funded health plans. But we have hacks for other types of health plans using us successfully. Referral sources like Navigators and DPC, we actually have a self-service portal now in our referral management system. And the 80% of Americans who are not going to meet their deductible this year should be shopping for care. We do offer self-pay pricing, and not only will they get great pricing, but we assure quality as well.

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Duration: 02:57

Posted: Wednesday, April 24, 2024

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