Parento's program, anchored by our pioneering insurance for paid parental leave, transforms workplaces for working parents.


What is Parento?

Yeah, Parento is solving the paid parental leave crisis with a customizable suite of solutions, anchored by our paid parental leave insurance coverage. We help companies fully ensure paid parental leave, making parental leave obtainable and affordable. Our program costs just a fraction of what companies are used to paying for their short-term disability coverage. Now, this gives companies the ability to properly fund a paid maternity and paternity leave policy, much like they do with health, dental, vision, and even disability. The insurance reimburses the salary expense when an employee takes paid parental leave, whether that's Mom or Dad, birth, adopted, or foster, but it coordinates with disability and state PFL as well. On top of that, we provide white-glove Leave Concierge service to employees and HRs alike. Our team helps with filing for disability and PFL, and integrate with that. Now, our integrated portal tracks leaves and claims, provides detailed reporting, payroll calculations, document management, but our best in class employee experience is really what differentiates us. Our employees and their partners have access to unlimited wraparound support for every stage of parenthood, from preconception to pre-teen, and they have access to individual or group parenting sessions. They can meet with a postpartum doula, develop their birth plan, and even plan their leave.

How is Parento different?

Yeah, our secret sauce is really the high touch personalization at every step for both employers and parents alike. We're reducing parental turnover, boosting employee morale, productivity, retention, and promotion. 40% of moms quit the year have a child, and of those who return, most return part-time. Under our program, 95% of parents return from leave full-time. So we're driving value in ROI that companies haven't been able to get on their own through existing programs or self-funding. Now, unlike most employee support programs, we're proactively engaging parents, so we can actually boast a 10% utilization rate and on average 13 hours of utilization with real human support. We're driving loyalty. We're simplifying the complicated management process. We're shifting financial risk, and our return touchpoint before, during, and after leave ensure a successful full-time return to work.

Who is a good fit for Parento?

Yeah, we see broad demand for paid parental leave across industries, from tech to trades, from construction to consulting. Generally we're looking for companies' cultural indicators, so companies that genuinely care about employee outcomes are a good fit. But beyond just typical descriptors, we're looking at company culture, like are they actively investing in DEI? Are they hiring remote talent? Are they prioritizing employee wellness? Do they have employees both in PFL states and non-PFL states? Are they women owned or led? These are things that we view as really good indicators of a company looking to invest in something like ours. And with our program, there's no employee enrollment, so implementation is super easy. Rollout can be done in less than two weeks, and companies can get more information on our site.

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Posted: Friday, March 29, 2024

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