Yuzu Health

Yuzu Health is a new-age TPA powering innovative health plans. We specialize in anti-BUCAH plan designs, and our full suite of TPA services are optimized for flexibility, speed, and transparency.


What is Yuzu Health?

Yuzu Health is your integrated TPA and technology partner. We make your new ideas work by bringing together the nuts and bolts and showing you the results.

How is Yuzu Health different?

Yuzu Health is built to natively support new styles of health plans and integrated member and employer digital experiences. What do I mean by this? Similar to other TPAs, we support network plans. Unlike other TPAs, we also support RBP, cash focus, and direct primary care plan models out of the box. Included with this out the box ethos, we serve all customers, white-labeled and customized member experience software, claim repricing and editing services, and customized help and financial reporting dashboards at no additional cost. Yuzu writes all of its member and employer-facing software in-house, which lets the plans we administer be clear and understandable to members and employers. For networks, partners, and strategies not supported in-house by Yuzu, Yuzu offers access to a range of vetted and preferred partnerships at transparent passthrough pricing. We also have proprietary technology that lets us integrate with other parts of your preferred vendor stack in a matter of days. We never charge for new integrations and custom work since we are able to enable these integrations through technology at a low cost. Yuzu has a long-term outlook on our services. We are in the growth phase of our business and measure our success, not on our immediate cash flow, but on the long-term growth and success of our partners and employers. The most important quality of Yuzu is our honesty. I could say transparency here, like everyone else, but Yuzu's commitment goes beyond just being a responsible fiduciary. Our only fee is our low, flat monthly rate. Since we never take commissions on any parts of the health plan stack, we don't try to upsell employers or partners on unnecessary and underused add-ons.

Who is a good fit for Yuzu Health?

We are excited about forming strong partnerships with plan designers and brokers offering new styles of plans underserved by old school TPAs. We have experience partnering with DPC plans cash-centric plans, RBP plans, and 501 hospital aid maximizing programs. Our employer sweet spot is on the smaller end, and we like to serve groups between 5 and 250 employees. We serve both level-funded plans and traditional self-funded plans.

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Duration: 02:38

Posted: Sunday, October 29, 2023

Video tags: Under 50 EEs, 51 - 100 EEs, 101 - 250 EEs, 251 - 500 EEs