bitewell is the food-as-medicine benefit you’ve been looking for. Our digital food farmacy makes navigating healthy eating easy and affordable for businesses and their people.


What is bitewell?

bitewell is a food-as-medicine solution. We are on a mission to improve your team's health through food. Did you know that 75% of US healthcare costs, that's a massive portion of your budget every year, goes toward the treatment of diet related diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease but also migraines, IBS, anxiety, depression. These are all conditions that can be prevented or treated through food and that's why we created bitewell, the world's first digital food farmacy.

How is bitewell different?

Food-as-medicine solutions have been rising in popularity over the last five years but most solutions are expensive, focused on just a few conditions and don't integrate seamlessly into your team's life and habits. bitewell's digital food farmacy allows members to shop for food at a discount that meets their health needs and goals. While shopping, our AI-powered food farmacist provides simple, quick advice on food and nutrition through a unique combination of benefits, rewards and a proprietary health navigation metric that we call the FoodHealth Score. We meet your people where they are so that the healthy choice becomes the easy choice at mealtime and beyond. We support 45 different conditions and counting, allergies, intolerances, dietary restrictions and preferences including overlapping and co-occurring conditions. The food options on our farmacy are nearly endless, groceries, restaurant meals, recipes, meal kits and more to fit everyone's unique dietary needs and cultural preferences. And last, we work with your budget from as little as $1 per employee per month.

Who is a good fit for bitewell?

bitewell is for companies that are seeking real results in improving employee health and reducing diet related disease. We are industry agnostic and geographically and culturally inclusive. We can get healthy food to any zip code in the US and our food vendors span over 150 different countries' flavor profiles. Many of our customers frankly have been burned in the past by nutrition and wellness solutions that have low adoption and engagement rates which is why we are particularly proud of ours. Customers who offer the base bitewell membership can expect to see a 20% adoption rate and customers who invest in a more robust rewards program can see as high as 91% adoption and bitewell really works. We see meaningful improvement in quality of food decisions measured by our FoodHealth Score in as little as 12 weeks.

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Duration: 02:50

Posted: Tuesday, October 31, 2023

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