Pomelo Care

Pomelo Care is a virtual medical practice with a value-based care model to address risk factors to improve outcomes. We provide 24/7 care for patients from preconception until their baby turns one.


What is Pomelo Care?

Pomelo Care is a 24/7 virtual medical practice focused on helping everyone have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. The way we do that is by providing personalized care teams to everyone from the time that they start planning their pregnancy, through their fertility journey, through their pregnancy, a NICU stay if there is one, and then postpartum and that entire first year of the baby's life. We have everything from primary care, OB/GYN, nutrition, lactation, doula, and pediatrics care to help anyone with any medical concern have that healthy outcome. We start by dedicating a care team to a particular employee, getting to know their goals, and developing a personalized care plan for them, and then we stay with them until their baby turns one to make sure they get off to the best possible start and have all of their clinical, emotional, and social needs met.

How is Pomelo Care different?

There's a couple things we do differently. The first is we provide actual medical care. We're a fully licensed, credentialed medical practice, so we can actually answer people's medical questions, provide diagnoses, write prescriptions, and provide the care that is needed to help improve their outcomes. We're not just education, advocacy, navigation to the healthcare system; we are the healthcare system, and we're able to meet their needs directly. The second is that we provide continuous care with a fully employed care team practicing as a team for that particular employee. The employee and the care team get to know each other by name and they build a continuous relationship that is full of trust, so the patient knows exactly who to reach out to on their care team for any of their needs during their whole journey. The third is we focus on proactive risk management. We don't wait for there to be a complication or wait for someone to identify for themselves that there's something going wrong; we get ahead of that and monitor patients to make sure that the second we identify something could stand in the way between an employee and their health goals, we address it right away.

Who is a good fit for Pomelo Care?

Because we're so focused on clinical outcomes during this time, we're a really good fit for employees that want to make sure that everyone who's having a baby has all the right support to have a very healthy pregnancy, very healthy outcome, and make a smooth transition back to work, including reducing those very expensive, very devastating for families NICU costs that we so often see are way too high. So we're a great fit if you want to support your new parents, your pregnant population, invest in DEI, invest in return to work and get those moms back to work postpartum, and then also reduce your NICU cost along the way.

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Duration: 02:52

Posted: Thursday, September 28, 2023

Video tags: 2501 - 5000 EEs, Over 5000 EEs