Network of Advanced Specialty Healthcare (NASH)

Network of Advanced Specialty Healthcare is a Travel-for-Treatment company based in Omaha that offers procedures and specialty medications with a focus on Safety; Superior Outcomes; and Savings.


What is NASH?

So NASH, Network of Advanced Specialty Healthcare. We're a true Travel-for-Treatment company, where we focus on programs that are overseen by true licensed practitioners, doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. We focus on two things: high cost claimants, specifically in the specialty pharmacy space, as well as surgical procedures, and we see ourselves being a strategic partner embedding ourselves into the healthcare ecosystem.

How is NASH different?

NASH is different several ways. One is we have access to over 200 specialty medications that are found in the United States by the same manufacturers. We've developed a true patient, physician relationship. We have two options, personal importation or direct shipment options for convenience to our patients, as well as the ability to prove our sourcing of our medications, making sure that we can show how they were safely handled, and we can be added to your current benefit offering at any point of the plan year, we just need to talk to your HR manager.

Who is a good fit for NASH?

So the great, perfect fit for NASH is the self-insured employer group space. We offer significant savings, especially for those employer groups that are directly paying for their healthcare benefit for their employees. We have total knee and hip replacements in our orthopedic program, where we bring our own surgeons down to conduct surgeries in JCAHO-accredited hospitals in Mexico, we have two of them, and as well as bariatric surgery in one of our hospitals in Monterrey, Mexico. Stellar program that's overseen by Dr. Gary Anthone, who's the former state medical director for the state of Nebraska. Coming soon, Q1 of '24 will be our plastic surgery program, our executive health services program, our fertility program, and our growth hormone. Again, NASH services can be added to your current benefit offering at any point in time. Just contact us at

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Posted: Friday, December 1, 2023

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