Inclusively fuses productivity, compliance & inclusion, transforming HR with AI-driven solutions to champion diverse, vibrant workforces in today's business era.


What is Inclusively?

Inclusively is your partner in crafting a workplace where everyone thrives through personalized support. With origins in prioritizing accessibility and inclusivity for those with mental health conditions, chronic illnesses and disability, Inclusively's innovative approach now enriches the entire workforce, offering a suite of services designed to meet the diverse needs of every team member. At its core, Inclusively is a powerful tool for boosting productivity and strengthening retention through truly individualized workplace supports, helping to equip businesses with the tools to offer scalable, personalized employee experiences all while boosting the bottom line.

How is Inclusively different?

Well, with blanketed one size fits all solutions and utilization rates as low as 2 to 5%, traditional employee support systems often miss the mark. But Inclusively changes the game. With its personalized approach, ensuring relevance and engagement for every individual in a diverse workforce. We're championing a new era of mental health and wellness. Inclusively isn't just another program, it's a strategy that recognizes and adapts to the unique circumstances of each employee, driving higher productivity and stronger retention for your clients. Inclusively ensures a wide and diverse range of needs and backgrounds are not only recognized, but are integral to the fabric of the workplace. And more than that, Inclusively bolsters your client's compliance and inclusion initiatives, enhancing overall employee wellbeing. It's designed for seamless integration into existing HR systems, offering a straightforward and effective way for employers to maintain a supportive and dynamic environment.

Who is a good fit for Inclusively?

Well, as you can see from our list of clients, we support organizations from every industry around the globe. Primarily, there are three different types of companies that'll find value in what we offer here at Inclusively. First, companies that are actively seeking to enhance their productivity and retention rates will find Inclusively's personalized support systems are not just beneficial, but essential. Our platform can help organizations achieve 72% higher productivity and a 90% increase in retention rates. Secondly, is Inclusively platform has roots in serving the disability community. It's especially crucial for organizations that are in the process of strengthening their compliance with disability and diversity mandates. And lastly, with its robust approach to enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, Inclusively stands out as a key ally in building a more inclusive corporate culture for DEI teams. So for today's enterprise employer, Inclusively is your partner in crafting a workplace where everyone thrives through personalized support.

Duration: 02:48

Posted: Friday, December 1, 2023

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