Helping people get access to more affordable, high quality medications.


What is DART?

Chris, we bring affordable medicines, prescription medicines to employers and to customers. Those brand medications and specialty medications that cost thousands and thousands of dollars. We deliver great concierge customized service, and we typically save our customers somewhere between 35 and 75% off the cost of those prescription medicines.

How is DART different?

Three critical ways. The first one is we are absolutely obsessed with transparency. What we negotiate from a sourcing standpoint to the cost of the product is what you will see. There are no hidden fees, there's no arbitrage, and there's no spread involved. We are obsessed with transparency. Second, we're a clearinghouse model, meaning that we've gone about evaluating different sources for these medicines, and we present that evaluation to you, understanding which ones are good and which ones are better, letting our customers make their own decision. And then finally, there's a very low disruption. There's no change in provider, there's no exclusion from the benefit, and typically, there's a zero copay or zero co-insurance for the patient.

Who is a good fit for DART?

Four big categories. First, those employers who are bearing the direct economic cost for these high cost prescription medicines. Those are self-funded employers. Could be a smaller level funded employer with about 100 employees, or it could be a very large 20,000-member employee group. Second, unions, and this is an area where we differentiate ourselves. We are very good at working with the laborers, with the carpenters, with the electricians. It doesn't matter. Those entities who tend to have a higher brand utilization and would like to reduce the cost of those medicines so that they can provide more care to more their members. Third, municipalities and associations, those bonafide associations, the 1099 employees, members of the gig economy, independent contractors, fractional workers, those folks. And then finally, there's CDHP plans, those HRA, HSA, and more newer plans, the ICHRA plans.

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Duration: 02:23

Posted: Friday, February 10, 2023

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