Our software and services make it easy for organizations to create inclusive, baby-feeding-friendly cultures that attract, retain, and delight employees and customers.


What is pumpspotting?

Pumpspotting is a workplace lactation program that helps organizations solve the complex challenges around baby feeding support and signal their commitment to women and families. We make it easy for companies to create inclusion and belonging, deepen employee and customer loyalty, and be seen as heroes. Parents get the safety, nourishment, and confidence boost they need to thrive throughout their unique feeding journeys. Offering turnkey, as well as customizable solutions, pumpspotting provides employers with a team of experts, practices, policies, and promotional assets that make implementing and managing pumpspotting a breeze.

How is pumpspotting different?

What sets us apart in the lactation space is that we're the only end-to-end program. We've served about 60,000 baby-feeding parents on the pumpspotting app, and we've learned what parents need to feel supported at home and at work. Employers who invest in a comprehensive workplace lactation program, can see an increase in retention rates from an average of 59 to 94%. We help your baby-feeding parents feel capable, so they'll be more present, stay longer on the job, and identify more positively with your organization. Our workplace lactation program also helps organizations with a recruitment strategy. A recent study found 77% of working parents consider family-friendly support and benefits their top priority in employers.

Who is a good fit for pumpspotting?

Any organization that is looking to demonstrate support for women and families. Our family-forward benefit signals to current and future employees that your organization welcomes and supports women and families. We serve large and small organizations across industries from innovative start-ups in software, to trucking to construction. Our smallest customer has five employees. While larger customers, like Walgreens and DraftKings, have thousands of employees across the country and world. Whether employees are on-site, work from home, or in a hybrid model, we can help. Pumpspotting supports recruitment goals, reduces turnover, and helps organizations stand out while delighting parents.

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Duration: 02:26

Posted: Thursday, February 23, 2023

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