Quizzify 2 Go

Imagine health education-meets-Jeopardy-meets-Comedy Central for monthly quizzes between visits, plus an app to minimize the costs of ER visits and maximize the value of doctor visits.


What is Quizzify 2 Go?

Quizzify2Go is the cousin of Quizzify. If Quizzify is what you play in order to learn about healthcare in the privacy of your own home, Quizzify2Go is what you take to emergency medical visits and scheduled medical visits. Our ER Prevent Consent will minimize the cost of emergency visits, while our 190 Doctor Visit PrepKits will maximize the value of scheduled doctor visits.

How is Quizzify 2 Go different?

There's nothing like it anywhere. You take it into the ER. If you put it in your Apple wallet, it will pop up. If I go to any one of these 10 ERs, it pops up. I follow the directions. I don't sign their consent. I follow the directions here. I get billed at two times Medicare, which is usually under a thousand dollars. Shockingly, most ER visits are well over that. If the hospital gives you a hard time, you can see there is a number to call, that by the way, rarely it's called because they know full well if you write in your own consent, that thing in the green there, they have to treat you the same as if you signed their horribly extractive consent. If in fact they give you a hard time, there is that service number, but they may also send you the wrong bill, in which case we will get the bill rebilled for you.

Who is a good fit for Quizzify 2 Go?

Essentially, anybody whoever has a possibility of using emergency care or actually goes to the doctor. And this is an example of our Doctor Visit PrepKits. We now are up to 191 of them. I blew up the example from acne. We take you through an overview of the issue, and sometimes it (acne) is related to other things like PCOS, what you need to do to prepare for your visit, the questions that you need to ask, and you can write in your own questions, as you can see. The doctor should be asking you certain questions as well, and you get a sense to prepare for those. The doctor will also do something, maybe test or prescribe something. We've got that covered as well. When you get the prescriptions, we often link the exact drug right to the reviews on drugs.com, but generally we do recommend and link to the drugs.com user reviews and ratings 'cause they are far more useful than TV ads and that little insert you get, and yet very few employees know about them. Then you can put this on your calendar. In some cases, there is even a quiz that you can take, and you're done. A quiz that's specific to the category, and you're done.

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Duration: 02:59

Posted: Monday, February 27, 2023

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