Benefit Disruptors

The only total health benefits solution, designed specifically to meet the needs of employers & employees, in high turn-over, hourly wage industries, such as restaurants, with $0 out of pocket costs.


What is Benefit Disruptors?

Benefit Disruptors is a brokerage firm and our major focus is on specialty solutions. We work directly with clients and/or their brokers. One of our key offerings is a robust, total health benefit solution designed specifically to meet the needs of employers and employees of the high turnover hourly wage industries such as hospitality, retail, call centers, home health, et cetera. We built it to provide employees full healthcare plans instead of limited offerings such as MEC plans and at the same time made it more affordable for employers and employees. Employees are able to enroll in a full suite of benefits, including a real health plan, $0 co-pay telemedicine, hospital indemnity coverage, an EAP plan, one-on-one wellness, mental health benefits, and even dental and vision if needed, all coupled with concierge services designed to help employees and their families cover any out-of-pocket hospital costs and high cost prescriptions. The majority of the time, we can accomplish this with little or zero out-of-pocket cost for the employer and the employee.

How is Benefit Disruptors different?

We've examined the typical current benefit offering in these industries, realized there's so much to be desired, and decided it was time to make a change for the better. We are now the only group in the country to pull together a multitude of tried and proven insurance programs, services, and offerings and bundle them into one seamless package. We help our clients and their employees maximize little known and highly underutilized key components and make it more affordable for both employers and employees. Our program is completely turnkey so no extra work for your HR department. I have over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry. I've seen the good and the bad as far as what employees are being offered. Far too often, these benefits are not even utilized and definitely not explained. Our mission is to help turn things around, enable these groups to be proactive with improved health coverage, and provide employees benefits that they'll actually use.

Who is a good fit for Benefit Disruptors?

First, let me stress, we work both direct with organizations and/or their brokers. We've pulled together a multitude of fully insured insurance products, programs, and concierge services that perfectly fit the high turnover hourly wage industries such as restaurants, retail, home health, and agencies. It works. From a group size, we work with groups anywhere from 100 employees to tens of thousands because these industries, many of the issues are the same for both the employers and employees. We provide major health benefit improvements and do it all at little or no cost.

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Duration: 02:49

Posted: Tuesday, December 27, 2022

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