Selerix Systems, Inc

Selerix Systems produces software utilized by employers, brokers & carriers to facilitate employee engagement, benefits administration, and Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting tools.


What is Selerix?

Selerix is a comprehensive platform featuring benefits administration, ACA management, and workforce communications.

How is Selerix different?

Selerix recognizes that each organization is unique and should be empowered to operate in a way that makes sense for them and not be forced to fit the needs of third party vendors. We also know that each wants to operate efficiently and be a great employer. Selerix exists to help organizations operate their own way so they can be the best versions of themselves. Our experts work beside client partners on every aspect of our solution, from plan design through open enrollment, ACA compliance, workforce communication, and beyond. We are committed to simplifying the complexity of employee benefits. So we have a dedicated client advocate who not only helps with the ongoing support of your team throughout the entire journey, but they're committed to quick responses to each client's needs. There are only 12 to 15 clients per client service manager, which is very unique in our industry. We have powerful, flexible ben admin system that matches each employer's unique benefits offerings, no matter how complex. We have industry-leading product library with plug and play-ready, pre-built core and voluntary products. We have a simplified and streamlined ACA compliance management reporting and filing team. You'll have your own dedicated ACA account manager as well. We also have highly targeted communication tools, email, text, app, to streamline benefit education, and a two-way workforce communication, including quizzes, surveys, and results tracking.

Who is a good fit for Selerix?

Anybody who is suffering with poor service, anyone who has a current system that looking to be more flexible or they are having file nightmares or ACA compliance issues, a company looking to add on COBRA, HSA, FSA, a company having integration issues or green implementation team. And often, we are called to provide a solution when no one else was able to do something. So our ability to tackle any customization need is really Selerix', like, superpower.

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Duration: 02:48

Posted: Friday, May 26, 2023

Video tags: 251 - 500 EEs, 501 - 1000 EEs, 1001 - 2500 EEs, 2501 - 5000 EEs, Over 5000 EEs