Sola Health

Sola is freeing groups from unaffordable healthcare & delivering a better health benefit experience. Our self-funded plans help groups uncover savings on high-cost medical care and specialty pharmacy.


What is Sola?

Yeah, thanks, Chris. Sola is part of the Goodroot family of companies. We are all uniquely focused on reducing wasteful healthcare spending. We have a portfolio of self-funded health plans that deliver premium medical and pharmacy coverage at a lower cost. And our main point of emphasis is a smooth transition from a fully insured environment and providing a top tier member experience.

How is Sola different?

Aside from $0 care, we provide targeted solutions for high cost medical and pharmacy claims. And also once you're on board with Sola, member experience is paramount for us. We're not your typical run of the mill health plan provider, and we don't want to be. The savings are, sure, tremendous, but the experience is too. Really, Sola makes switching to self-funding easy and less scary. In addition, we do not believe in the set it and forget it until renewal season approach to managing our client's healthcare benefits. We monitor each group's healthcare data throughout the year, and we really are looking at trends and solutions for improving outcomes and reducing costs. From level-funded plans with major national carriers to more aggressive value-based pricing plans, Sola caters to varying degrees of self-funding experience.

Who is a good fit for Sola?

Sola can work with any group of all sizes, so we'll certainly look at all of them, but we are primarily focused on the employers with 25 to 200 employees. An important point of emphasis for us is we work hand-in-hand with the employee benefits advisors to provide all of the support and assistance for their clients that have the interest in moving from a fully insured environment to a self-funded plan, or adjusting their existing self-funding arrangement for a better experience. So we really call it the walk, run, sprint approach, and we have a plan that works for all appetites of self-funding.

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Duration: 01:59

Posted: Thursday, June 22, 2023

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