Imagine360 is a health plan. This integrated health plan includes administration, price protection, and direct contracts. The Imagine360 model helps employers and employees save 10-30% on healthcare.


What is Imagine360?

Imagine360 is a health plan. We are a health plan that includes administration, price protection, and direct contracts. We help brokers and employers bring forth a solution that can help organizations save 15 to 30% on healthcare. That savings also leads to savings for employees. Saving money is great, especially during this tumultuous economic time, but what we're most proud of is how we support individuals on their healthcare journey.

How is Imagine360 different?

We are different because of the people that we employ, our 16 years of experience in the reference-based pricing space, and our commitment to doing the right thing. We have the data and knowledge and experience of being in business to help provide the best solution that includes a positive member experience, but also savings that sticks. We're advocates, trailblazers, we're driven, and we're better together, and as a health plan, we include all of the pieces of the puzzle that you see on this slide here. We're committed to doing the right thing the first time.

Who is a good fit for Imagine360?

A good fit for Imagine360 is a broker consultant that wants to bring their client an idea that can help them save money in a long-term, financially viable solution. This is a solution for CFOs, CEOs, HR leaders that are frustrated with the current system and know that there's more that's out there. This is a solution that can lead to long-term financial savings, and if a business or a broker is open to new ideas and learning, we would love the opportunity to help them learn more about Imagine360.

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Duration: 02:22

Posted: Wednesday, June 28, 2023

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