Cottrill's Specialty Pharmacy

Cottrill’s is a full-service independent specialty pharmacy, working with self-funded employer groups, brokers, consultants, PBMs, TPA’s and health plans.

What is Cottrill's Specialty Pharmacy?

Founded in 1899, Cottrill's is a full-service independent specialty pharmacy working with self-funded employer groups, brokers, consultants, PBMs, TPAs and health plans. We are licensed in all 50 states with dual accreditation, both URAC and ACHC. Cottrill's prides itself on its personalized approach to patient care with a team of experienced pharmacists and clinical specialists who work closely with patients, physicians and payers to ensure that patients receive the best quality of care. Our success is based on our commitment to provide quality service and care while being completely transparent with costs. With expertise in the hardest to manage disease states, including hemophilia, we are a center of excellence and hold a position of trust within the specialty pharmacy community. We have achieved this by doing business with integrity and accountability with the patients and business partners we serve.

How is Cottrill's Specialty Pharmacy different?

Pharmacy spend is one of the largest expenses for employer groups, with specialty comprising upwards of 50% of that spend despite only 2% of the population using those medications. Cottrill's is different because we are working to disrupt the dated spread pricing model by implementing a fully transparent acquisition cost plus methodology. Your price is our acquisition cost plus a small dispensing fee. This dispensing fee includes all costs associated with overnight shipping and handling utilizing the latest cold chain technology. In addition, our clinical team consults with each patient on a monthly basis regarding their medical history and current health to confirm there haven't been or won't be any anticipated changes that will result in adjustments to their patient's medications. Since we don't auto-ship, this step ensures that patients are receiving the correct medication and dosage and that their health needs are being met. By implementing this approach, our adherence rate is nearly 98% while simultaneously reducing waste. All of this results in total price transparency, significant SP savings and a member satisfaction rating of almost 99%.

Who is a good fit for Cottrill's Specialty Pharmacy?

Cottrill's is for anyone looking for a cost effective solution and partner to help navigate the increasing complexities and cost of specialty medications while maintaining the highest level of care quality for their members. Our goal is to help achieve cost savings without compromising patient satisfaction, adherence or clinical outcomes.

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Posted: Friday, April 28, 2023

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