AlignRx Consulting

AlignRx is a pharmacy benefit consultant that optimizes performance, savings, and outcomes for employer groups and the partners that serve them.


What is AlignRx Consulting?

AlignRx Consulting is an independent and agnostic pharmacy benefit consultancy. We are not a PBM. Oftentimes, we are categorized as one but we are not. So we've been in business since 2016, we have over 500 years of experience in our leadership team and have six clinical pharmacists on staff.

How is AlignRx Consulting different?

Our two biggest differentiators are the fact that we are truly agnostic, as well as our reprice technology. So, oftentimes we get questioned and asked, is the only way for us to save money by taking our pharmacy benefits from one PBM to the other? That is not the case with us. Over half of our business, we go back and just simply renegotiate with the incumbent PBM and find the best possible solution for our clients, and whether that is adding on a J-Code solution, manufacturers assistance, etc, we're truly agnostic to what is the best approach. And then our reprice technology, so we have a custom tool that we built in-house, that allows our clients to see and just read the pharmacy benefit utilization in a more digestible way. Oftentimes, pharmacy benefits are pretty hard to understand so this tool that we give access to all of our clients, really breaks it down and we've told that it's one of the best things about our organization.

Who is a good fit for AlignRx Consulting?

So, we partner with TPAs, benefit consultants, and employers. So anybody that's in the self-funded space, that is interested in learning more about ways that they can save money for their self-funded groups on the pharmacy benefits space. Oftentimes, our partnerships with clients go much deeper than just showing them reprices, giving them access to our industry knowledge, white papers on the Humira Biosimilar that just recently came out, some of the weight loss medications that are in the news right now. So, anybody that's really focused on driving savings in the pharmacy space as well as finding a true partner that can give them further information in the overall pharmacy benefit space, is a good partner for us.

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Posted: Saturday, July 22, 2023

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