Viri Benefits

Viri is a sustainability benefits platform. We provide two products to help employers retain talent and tell their sustainability story: a Sustainable Savings Account (SSA) and Net Zero as a Benefit.


What is Viri Benefits?

Viri Benefits is a sustainability benefits platform with Viri, companies can help employees measure, mitigate and offset their personal carbon emissions. For employers, it's a great way to engage their team and the company's sustainability goals and to demonstrate their corporate values to customers and investors. For employees, it's a chance to purchase hugely discounted home and vehicle upgrades that save them money on gas and electricity going forward. It also helps them achieve net zero emissions without out-of-pocket expenses, bringing employer and employee together to act on climate change.

How is Viri Benefits different?

Well, it's a new category of employee benefit and it comes with unique offerings. First is what we call Net Zero as a Service. This allows employers to fund the purchase of carbon offsets on behalf of the employee, and it helps reduce the employer's scope three carbon emissions. Next is the Sustainability Savings Account or SSA, think of it like an HSA or FSA where the money can be used towards sustainability upgrades for the employee. For example, after around four months the employee might be able to purchase a Nest thermostat at about 80% off, which will then go on to save them $130 a year.

Who is a good fit for Viri Benefits?

Viri's a great fit for any company that's open to practicing social responsibility. Whether they're already full on B Corp certified have a socially active employee base or just have a leader who believes in doing right while pursuing profit, Viri can help. If you have customers who have or are trying to build the values aligned brand they'll definitely want to hear about Viri. We're happy to discuss co-marketing for recruiting, investor relations, or customer acquisition. Finally, implementation takes hours, not days and our pricing structure can scale from ten employees to thousands.

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Duration: 02:18

Posted: Friday, September 1, 2023

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