Progyny is a leading fertility benefits management company in the US redefining fertility and family building benefits, proving that a comprehensive and inclusive fertility solution can simultaneously benefit employers, patients, and physicians.


What is Progyny?

Progyny's mission is simple, but it's extremely powerful. We want to help any member's dream of parenthood come true. We do this by providing comprehensive and supported approach to fertility benefits, and we ensure that anyone that needs assisted reproductive technology treatment in order to have a child can access that. That includes the LGBTQ+ population and the growing number of single families by choice. We also support people navigating the complex family building journeys of adoption and surrogacy.

How is Progyny different?

Progyny is different in every way. We have a comprehensive approach to support people navigating highly complex medical treatment. When you think about infertility, it's often a couple's first medical crisis that they face, and they very much face it alone due to the stigma that still exists with infertility. Therefore we have a high touch, highly personalized patient care advocate support for people. We're working with people through the life of their family building journey, no matter what that pathway might be. In addition to that, we have a comprehensive benefit that ensures that employers can offer fertility coverage and limit it in the most responsible way. And that's ensuring that everyone has coverage for a full episode of care and everything they need within that episode of care to result in the outcome that we seek, which is a healthy mom and a healthy baby. We've integrated pharmacy coverage into this to ensure that every member has access to their medication when their cycle begins, and that they feel supported through some of the most anxiety ridden part of treatment when you're having to inject yourself typically for the first time and daily, and we deliver this treatment through the largest independent high quality network of reproductive endocrinologists. It's a managed and very collaborative relationship that we have with those physicians to ensure that we're working with them to provide proactive, outbound support to patients through the life of their family building journey. We also sit with those providers to ensure that they can look at the outcomes relative to their peers and we can work with them to improve episodes of care for members on an ongoing basis. All of this results in high quality outcomes and reductions of up to 66% in multiple birth rates.

Who is a good fit for Progyny?

Everyone's a good fit for Progyny. In fact, what excites me about this slide is that we were founded by tech companies, but now we're in over 30 different industries covering 4 million covered lives in a short six years operating.

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Posted: Thursday, May 19, 2022

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