Rx Help Centers

Saving clients >100 million last year alone, through patient prescription advocacy.  We reduced their Rx spend by 50%.


What is Rx Help Centers?

We're a patient prescription drug advocacy company on a concierge basis with over 13 years of experience, which makes us one of the oldest in the industry. We help hundreds of employers reduce or eliminate high price medications from their PBM spend, generating anywhere from 50 to 75% off of their PBM cost and spend.

How is Rx Help Centers different?

We're fee based. We don't take a percentage of savings, which means we generate the highest ROI in the industry. And we don't take any outside revenue so we're pure to our charge. We provide patients assistance in all forms of medications, specialty, maintenance brand, generics, and we don't have a limited formulary. And with hundreds of resources well beyond just manufacturer PAP plans. And we saved our customers over $400 million through the end of the year last year.

Who is a good fit for Rx Help Centers?

Self-funded employers, generally over 100 employees with no upward cap. Self-funded employers that have HSA or high deductible programs with higher co-insurance or copays. And industries like municipalities, hospitals, manufacturers and others that you can see here.

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Duration: 01:53

Posted: Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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