Meet SmartShopper, a service that helps employees find and get the care they need. We do the legwork to make decisions clear and simple, saving employees and employers time and money in the process.


What is SmartShopper?

Health care is complex and costly. Employers experience continued increases in total cost of care. 90% of employees unknowingly are getting care at a high-cost facility that does not necessarily correlate to high quality. Providing clarity, confidence, and guidance is a must for brokers and their employers looking to decrease total cost of care and attract and retain employees. SmartShopper helps create clarity to compare care options for over 300 procedures, offers a platform that is digital mail and in- and outbound telephonic support, and employees that participate in SmartShopper and have a claim that we can confirm share in the savings with a cash reward. SmartShopper is a product through our health plan and their broker partners. Our programs average a greater than two-to-one ROI with as much as 15-to-one. Health care doesn't have to be complicated so turn on SmartShopper.

How is SmartShopper different?

SmartShopper offers savings you can feel confident about. Our program is used using verified member claims data. Please scan the QR code to download the 2022 performance and savings report. We make it easy for your employers. We built into our cost our concierge team. They are on standby to support your clients' employees from selecting to scheduling to prior preauthorizations. They make next steps no sweat. SmartShopper is a one-of-a-kind program helping your clients and their employees make informed choices is the heart of what we do. While it is often overlooked despite healthcare being emotional, it should create the same consumer behavior we see in our day-to-day interactions.

Who is a good fit for SmartShopper?

SmartShopper is a great fit for the groups that you see on the screen, whether it be the size of group or opportunity to improve the employee benefits experience. It's also important to note that our health plan partners frequently deploy this program to their fully insured book of business. Shopping for healthcare needs to be easier, reduce the complexity, and create opportunities to drive a win-win value proposition for whatever population you're serving. This is a great quote from one of our members on their experience of using SmartShopper. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me. My contact information is here. Thank you.

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Duration: 02:34

Posted: Friday, November 11, 2022

Video tags: 501 - 1000 EEs