EHIM is one of the 25 largest PBMs in the country, offering a different experience than the standard Pharmacy Benefit Management companies across the US. A Fully transparent and independent PBM, EHIM serves nearly 3 million people nationwide with a personalized level of care. Using a true “Freedom of Formulary” approach, EHIM collaborates with our clients to create customized programs with an emphasis on Specialty Drug solutions to mitigate risk.


What is EHIM?

EHIM is one of the 25 largest PBMs in the country offering a different experience than the standard pharmacy benefit management company across the US. A certified woman-owned business enterprise, EHIM is headquartered in Detroit where we've been in business for nearly 35 years. Unlike many boutique PBMs, a space in which EHIM is proud to be in, we keep virtually every service in-house, including customer service, owning our own network, including more than 64,000 pharmacies, and, uniquely, our specialty drug solution EHIM Cares, one of which we pioneered in the industry almost 15 years ago.

How is EHIM different?

While most PBMs use a set formulary, EHIM collaborates with our clients to create a customized formulary that meets their needs. We are proud to be the nation's only PBM since inception that has never allowed the influence of pharmaceutical companies or rebates to drive what matters most: our clients and the members we serve. With this model and a true efficacy-based approach, our trend has been some of the best in the country year after year for more than a decade. This is in large part to our integrated solution for specialty drug management, EHIM Cares.

Who is a good fit for EHIM?

EHIM plays in the self-funded employer group space, and really, one of three or one or more of these three categories, are going to make an ideal EHIM client. One is a group with a higher than normal generic utilization rate. I like to say 83% is a good target. Having high number of specialty drug claims that are truly not being managed. And three, an employer group who really wants to take control of their benefits. And then what I mean by this, is a group that's really looking to get creative and not go down the traditional fully-insured path.

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Duration: 02:24

Posted: Wednesday, October 13, 2021

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