NavMD empowers brokers and advisors with healthcare insights and solutions to create better, more cost effective healthcare for employees.


What is NavMD?

Founded in 2005, and like many, we started really as a healthcare of analytics company, actionable insights had really become a buzzword, and at NavMD, we believe actionable analytics are only actionable. If someone's doing something about it. Our clients are primarily benefit advisors and consultants. Some of the most innovative in their industry. Really what we do in a hollow is we aggregate data from hundreds of different disparate data sources, cleanse, normalize that data, provide back a series of insights and then plug in a number of proven point solutions that help those benefit advisors and brokers create value for their clients.

How is NavMD different?

As a broker or even employer and payer. There are several different providers of healthcare analytics out there. Where we shine, first we transform data faster than anybody else in the market. We guarantee that we will onboard, cleanse, normalize that data within 60 days. Second, we tell better stories, whether you are looking at an aggregate group and seeing what's the increasing or decreasing risk is for that particular population. We're needing to distill down to an individual member. We provide the tools and the solutions back to that, that user to tell a better story. And last but not least, we are plugging in a number of proven point solutions, that enable that broker and advisor to really plug in point solutions that are going to go take action on those analytics and those insights.

Who's a good fit for NavMD?

NavMD plays at four different markets, brokers advisers, solutions providers, as well as healthcare providers and payers. And as you can see from this slide, there is a number of different value propositions that we provide back to those unique individual markets by really helping them achieve the goals and objectives that they have and providing it as scale, whether they're a small firm or a very, very large firm.

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Duration: 02:31

Posted: Monday, January 10, 2022

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