Futuro Sólido USA

Employee Engagement and Benefits Education for a Multilingual Workforce (yes, this includes translation)


What is Futuro Sólido?

So, Futuro Sólido provides benefits education and onboarding for employees who speak languages other than English. Of course, this starts with translation, which we do accurately, cost-effectively, and quickly, particularly in Q4. Our system recognizes previously translated material, which we use to reduce your costs and turnaround time. So if you translated a guide for Group A this year, updating it next year, or modifying it for Group B is faster and costs less.

How is Futuro Sólido different?

We don't just put words into other languages. Our goal is for broker clients to get the results that they're looking for when they provide communication in languages other than English. We want your message to resonate, and we want employees to participate and use their plans appropriately. So we do a lot more than translation. We have a series of Benefits Light Bulb Videos, which illustrate tricky benefits concepts. We also have recently developed an affordable Spanish benefits advocate solution named Luci, who strikes that perfect balance between automation and live human support. This year, we're also rolling out benefits pointers. If translating your entire 45 page guide and 60-slide Brainshark into Farsi doesn't fit into your budget, this can be an efficient, effective, and affordable option. In short, we're not just language nerds. We're raving fans of benefits, because we know that when employees understand their options and make decisions in their own best interest, everybody wins. And our mission is to help make that happen.

Who is a good fit for Futuro Sólido?

So, of course we're happy to support anyone serving groups with speakers of other languages, but the best fit for us are brokers who realize that the ROI on doing this right can be significant. When employees understand their benefits and get their questions answered throughout the year, participation increases and you're more likely to retain your group. You can also approach prospects with a strategy rather than a vague assurance that, yes, you can provide information in other languages, because all your competitors are saying the same thing. Brokers who want to differentiate themselves and win new business by doing this right are the best fit for us.

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Duration: 02:36

Posted: Tuesday, June 11, 2024