iFIT Corporate Wellness is more than just a fitness app. It's connected fitness - connecting your employees to their goals, to each other, and to your business. Contact partnerships@ifit.com

What is iFIT?

iFIT is part of the Freemotion family. We are a 47-year-old company and are the largest manufacturer of fitness equipment in the world and the number one provider of interactive fitness products sold in the market today. But we also provide a digital platform that allows users and members to focus not only on their physical fitness but also their mental health, nutrition, and overall wellbeing. With over a million-plus subscribers, the content and our digital app is continually curated, updated, and presented by world-class psychologists, nutritionists, and sports coaches.

How is iFIT different?

Using iFIT removes barriers of entry for users to get healthy. Those barriers typically include location, cost, time, accessibility, and most importantly, fitness level. We want our users and members to feel comfortable and enable them to go at their own pace, but what really makes iFIT different, number one, the workouts are catered to the beginner, intermediate, and advanced health seekers, meaning there's literally something for everyone. Number two, the platform content. We have over 60 training categories, over 17,000 trainer-led workouts in 13 different languages led by over 180 world-class Olympic and professional athletes. The workouts are progressive in design, driving you to meet your goals. Our workout videos are experiential, Emmy-nominated, and filmed in over 70 countries around the world. Picture yourself walking through the pyramids of Egypt, biking the Tour de France, or hiking to the base of Mount Everest. That's what makes iFIT different.

Who is a good fit for iFIT?

iFIT is making a determined effort in 2024 to work with enterprise HR teams and benefit consultants. We believe our platform can replace multiple single-point benefit solutions with our diverse and robust app targeting fitness, nutrition, weight management, mindfulness, sleep quality, mental resilience, and more, saving time and money for HR teams. Our offering to corporate partners can start simple and progress based on strategic initiatives, budgets, and changing workforce demands. We offer our digital app with varying pricing options to fit established benefit budgets. To support the app, we offer significant discounts on our NordicTrack and ProForm lines of equipment, like treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, rowers, and free weights for the corporate gym or for the employee's home gym. Challenges and reward options are also available with a variety of reporting options to track engagement outcomes, set up competitions, and recognize employees for achieving their goals. Send us an email today at partnerships@ifit.com, and let's talk about getting your employees and their families healthy.

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Duration: 02:41

Posted: Monday, February 5, 2024

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